For the European repush of Biotherm’s anti-aging cream Blue Therapy, I worked on a 2 days event with a creative team from Publicis Luxe. We gathered 10 Key Opinion Leaders from 3 different countries. Each one of these women them has been invited in a Wonderfull villa near the sea to talk about their relation with their skin, their age, how they kept feeling young proving that youth has no age and how Blue Therapy helped them in that way. During these 2 days we shot 10 portraits, 6 interview, 6 podcasts that ended up being a TVC for Spain, 10 prints, and 6 stories or video interview for social media. Worked with the Wonderfull team from Publicis Luxe, Fabrice Scorrano as Creative Director, Deborah Picard as copywriter. Shots by awesome photographer Nicolas Kantor and interviews were directed by the great Julien Fauché.