Ma French Bank is the Neo-bank released by La Banque Postale. This bank is meant to be simple, fun, mobile and special designed for the gen Z. For this project I created graphic guidelines, worked on the identity – working on a first draft and the creative brief for the identity agency Carré Noir –and led a team of 6 graphic and web designers, under the creative direction of Luc Deveze, for the production of the assets in collaboration with Accenture.


In the meantime, that would be unthinkable to release a Neo bank without making a supadupa digital experience. Here was our favorite lead that unfortunately didn’t came to life. I worked with Romain Nonnis, copywriter at the time, to built that incredible, digital and interactive Rube-Goldberg machine. This machine was meant to show all the incredible features that Ma French Bank has. Yes, that lead includes a lot of bad-but-fun-though puns. I’m not even sorry for that. Again under the creative direction of the awesome Luc Deveze.