Santé Naturkosmetic is an organic, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand that has been recently acquired by L’Oreal Group. We were commissioned to make a rebrand and a refresh for the brand.
Alongside their new strategy that beauty was “Natural or Nothing“, we created a campaign showing fashion and beauty could be tough, respectful of the environment and compromise-less. I teamed up with Victoria Vadala as co art-director, Stephanie Boucher as copywriter, and Laurie Lacourt as creative director for a wonderfull team. We delivered 4 films (the director’s cut, one for skincare, one for haircare, and another for make-up) and 20 prints, with 10 portraits and 10 still-lives. TVC shot by Thomas Thyman, prints by Aaricia Varanda (model shots) and Charlotte Stouvenot (still-lives).